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Business Purpose Values Vision | Work With Aptitude Case Study

Work With


Values, Purpose, Vision: Supporting fast growth

Work With Aptitude (WWA) is a specialist Data and Analytics talent partner and advisory service.  Sitting between the world of staffing and consultancy, they combine talent management expertise with consultancy.

The challenge

Having launched in 2020, as a newly established business, the founders of Work With Aptitude engaged Culture Chameleon to help them to discover the organisation’s Values, Purpose and Vision to provide a powerful foundation for the company’s ongoing fast growth.

What we did

Values and Values launch

The initial stage of discovering Work With Aptitude’s Values involved us gaining feedback from the full team. This involvement early on in the process was key to them feeling that they’d played a part in arriving at the final Values, and that their voices had been heard. Then, working with the founders to understand the organisation’s tone of voice and dig deeper into its story, we gained an understanding of how WWA does things as a business. This detailed insight enabled us to create Work With Aptitude’s full set of Values first time, with no amendments.

The next stage involved us agreeing the approach for launching the Values with the founders. Designing all launch materials, we supported the team to quickly feel comfortable with the Values by centring the launch around WWA’s We Play All In, Always Value. This emphasises teamwork and candid conversations.

Purpose and Vision

Our Purpose and Vision discovery and definition process involved getting up close and personal with why the business had been set up. By encouraging the founders to share stories, and working together to amend various Purpose and Vision statement drafts, we gradually honed down the business’


We dare to achieve extraordinary.

and Vision:

Every organisation excelling through the power of exceptional talent.

The feedback

It’s been awesome. [The launch] was great and a complete success.

~ Brett Hossack, Director, Work With Aptitude

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