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Business Values and Purpose | My Mustard Case Study

My Mustard

Values & Purpose: Establishing a legacy

My Mustard is an award-winning pay per click advertising agency.  As a strongly people-first leader, the owner, June Cory, had truly been making work great for 15 years.  As a result, her team was highly engaged and making great work for My Mustard’s clients. 

The challenge

As part of the huge shift in the world of work brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, June realised that a clear Purpose and Values were essential in attracting and keeping talented team members and clients. Whilst internally ‘being very Mustard’ was clearly understood, June felt she needed to be really clear about how My Mustard did things and why the business existed.

Knowing that My Mustard was already Purpose and Values-led, and wanting to leave a strong legacy for her team by capturing My Mustard’s superpowers, she approached Culture Chameleon to write down its ‘recipe’.

What we did


To ensure employee engagement with the final Values, it was important to involve the full My Mustard team at various stages during the Values discovery process.

Using surveys and online workshops, we worked closely with the team to understand the business’ tone of voice, hear stories of how they did things as an organisation and get a feel for what mattered most to them.  After preparing various Values drafts, we then worked with June to reach the final version.

By combining an alliterative Values headline with a supporting quote, the Values play out My Mustard’s unique style.

(Graphics: My Mustard)



Digging deep into the organisation’s back story, why June had founded My Mustard and the legacy that she wished to leave we arrived at My Mustard’s final Purpose statement.  This follows the same short, punchy tone of voice as the Values:

We are in the business of unlocking the extraordinary.

The feedback

The journey on the way to discovering MM’s Values with Culture Chameleon was as satisfying as the destination.  The team at CC were…

~ Careful with my feelings – this running your own business lark is very personal
~ Challenging – in a good way
~ Creative – their language and approach made it a very bespoke experience
~ Committed – it had to be 100% authentically My Mustard and they were as driven as I was.

~ June Cory, Owner, My Mustard

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