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Business Values Refresh | Absolute Performance Case Study



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Absolute Performance designs and creates bespoke training areas that feature world class strength and conditioning equipment. Their work has included installing facilities for Team GB at both the Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 Olympics, as well as for professional football and rugby organisations, universities and gyms.

The challenge

Having grown steadily since they were established in 2008, Absolute Performance approached Culture Chameleon to support them with continuing to build high employee engagement and with creating a stand-out employee experience. 

What we did

Workplace Culture, Employee Experience and Engagement Review

As a result of completing our Workplace culture, employee experience and engagement review, Absolute Performance received a detailed report that identified key areas for the organisation to focus on to strengthen the employee experience it offered, and in turn, build on current employee engagement levels.

Values Refresh

The Workplace culture, employee experience and engagement review identified the need for a Values refresh, so that these would resonate better with Absolute Performance’s team and customers.

This started with us gaining full team input to discover whether it was the original Values themselves, or the language used that had caused the team to disconnect with them.

Culture Chameleon then worked closely with the leadership team during a series of online workshops. These enabled Absolute Performance to understand which elements of their current Values they would like to retain and the refreshed tone of voice they were looking for.

The resulting Values are a powerful framework combining strong Values headlines and bullet-point descriptors. They are written using a sporting theme and in a tone of voice that aligns with Absolute Performance’s brand. This has enabled team members to relate to them and to live them more easily in their day-to-day work.  



It was also important to Absolute Performance that they defined a strong Vision statement to help them to stand out from the crowd, provide a rally cry for their team and a clear direction of travel for the business.

We used a combination of pre-work and online workshops, using shared stories to enable us to get a greater understanding of why the business was created, and where it is heading.

Values and Vision launch

The Absolute Performance leadership team recognised the need to mark the importance of the refreshed Values and newly discovered Vision statement by taking time out of the day-to- day with a focused launch designed by Culture Chameleon. This continued the sporting theme and enabled the team to engage with the Values and Vision in a competitive way.

Employee Experience

Culture Chameleon continues to work with the Absolute Performance team, using their Values, Purpose and Vision to create a constant emotional connection with team members by playing them out at every stage of the employee experience.  Here are some of the projects that we’ve completed:

  • Creating a goal process centred around the company’s Teamwork wins, there’s no ‘I’ in Absolute Performance Value, providing a framework for the team to work together to drive the company towards its Vision
  • Designing a process to support continuous personal development through feedback, underpinned by the Embrace Feedback descriptor
  • Providing our Connection Injection framework and toolkit to strengthen team connection and support a high-performing, highly engaged, agile team.

Power Hours

The Absolute Performance leadership team understood that the organisation’s Values, Purpose and Vision would take time to embed.  Drawing on their FIND THE 1%, LEAVE A LEGACY  Value, they also embraced the idea that small actions led regularly by the leadership team would be key to this.  We therefore hold monthly Power Hours with each member of the leadership team.

The feedback

Working with Laura and Caroline (the Chameleons!) has been such a pleasure – most simply because they ‘get us’ and our company and what we wanted to achieve. They’ve succeeded in bringing our company culture and values to life, creating a buzz of excitement that is so rewarding as a company owner. They’ve been supportive with their guidance throughout the process and we are looking forward to the next steps on our culture journey.

~ Sian Buchanan, Director, Absolute Performance

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