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Business Purpose Values Vision | Croft Case Study


Purpose, Values, Vision, Employee Experience, Employee Engagement: Driving one culture, post-acquisition

Croft provides bespoke IT infrastructure, next generation technology and managed services for businesses of all sizes across both the public and private sectors.  Established in 2015, the company employs c.170 people and has offices throughout the UK.

The challenge

In recent years, Croft has acquired, and continues to acquire, many organisations.  Keen to preserve the ‘essence of Croft’ as the organisation grows, their CEO – Mark Bramley – approached Culture Chameleon to support the organisation with capturing its unique culture code, continuing to provide a stand out employee experience and maintaining strong levels of employee engagement.

What we did

Workplace Culture, Employee Experience and Engagement Review

Completing a Workplace culture, employee experience and engagement review enabled us to quickly identify the key areas for Croft to focus on to ensure that the organisation continued to grow in the right way.


So that they engaged with the final Values, it was important to involve the full Croft team at various stages during the Values discovery process. 

Starting with a survey, then carrying out a series of online workshops, we worked closely with the leadership team to understand Croft’s tone of voice, how they do things as an organisation and what is important to them.  After preparing various drafts of the Values, we carefully word smithed to reach the final version.   

With every word, crossing out, full stop and hyphen carefully considered, Croft’s Values stand out from the crowd by design.



Working with Croft’s leadership team, we uncovered why the organisation exists, beyond revenue generation.   

The final Purpose statement centres around Croft’s lead Value – WOW THE CUSTOMER.  It follows the same short, punchy tone of voice as the Values and, despite its simplicity, can be interpreted in two ways:

Our Purpose: Service. Uncomplicated. 


Croft’s Vision statement completes the final touchpoint of the organisation’s culture code:

Our Vision: A seamless experience for every customer. Everywhere. Every time.

Purpose, Values and Vision Launch

Having completed Croft’s Purpose, Values and Vision, we then supported them to speed up the process of sharing these with the team by designing, and training managers on, a Purpose, Values and Vision launch kit.  With a ready-made slide deck, facilitator notes and team exercises, this focused the launch messaging and enabled those involved in delivering the launch to hit the ground running, whilst taking limited time out from their daily work to prepare.  Croft now uses the launch kit to brief new starters on their Purpose, Values and Vision.  

Beyond WOW workshops

Once the Purpose, Values and Vision were launched, we started the process of ensuring that they didn’t simply become Words On the Wall by delivering a series of Beyond WOW workshops.

These involved working with Croft’s leaders and managers to provide them with the mindset and toolkit for action to start the process of the Purpose, Values and Vision being lived and breathed in everything the organisation does.  

Employee Experience and Engagement

We now support Croft on a retained basis, working alongside their People and Culture Manager and Chief Happiness Regulator to create a Purpose, Values and Vision-based employee experience. 

Through regular Happiness Surveys, we are also able to measure and monitor team member engagement levels across the organisation and gauge the impact of all culture-related work. 

The feedback

We are a growing company and have made over 15 acquisitions over the past 3 years. As such, developing and maintaining a consistent internal culture has been a real challenge. Laura was recommended to me…and I’m so glad that we have used their services.

Laura and Caroline have been great to work with. Thoughtful, insightful and never afraid to disagree with us or give an opinion. They have really helped us to both better understand ourselves and establish our core Values, Vision and Purpose.

I’m a natural cynic, but am a total convert!

~ Mark Bramley CEO, Croft

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