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Team Building

Extremely connected teams demonstrate a 21% increase in profitability.

~ GoRemotely

Our Connection Injection team building toolkit gives leaders a high impact, easy-to-use framework to drive conversation and provoke ideas. The result? Clear actions and commitments that encourage collaboration, boost team effectiveness, increase morale and enhance employee engagement levels.

A sense of belonging

We all know only too well from the pandemic how important connection is. After all, as humans we’re innately programmed to connect and to seek a sense of belonging.
With the rise of hybrid and remote working, many organisations are looking for innovative team building solutions – creative ways to keep teams connected and working well together. Far too often, organisations rely on connection ‘dopamine shots’ – team building activities like team nights out, or even team nights in over Zoom. But these don’t have a long term impact.

The issue of disconnection at work is a BIG DEAL

In the aftermath of the COVID 19 pandemic, the UK economy is losing a massive £340 billion each year due to disengaged team members as a result of lack of team building and poor connection at work (Perkbox). Equally, 65% of workers are feeling less connected with the people they work with due to many organisation’s continued work-from-anywhere policies (Harvard Business Review).

Connection Injection Team Building toolkit

Our Connection Injection team building toolkit provides a framework encompassing the main factors leading to team connection. To build rituals. To celebrate success. To foster compassion. To drive belonging. To bring teams back together.

The Connection Injection team building toolkit’s secret sauce (not so secret now!) is that it provides space for teams to come together and co-create what’s needed to be a strongly connected and working well together. This ownership massively increases the probability of delivering against agreed commitments long term.

Team building and team connection is multi-layered and it’s often the small things that can make the greatest difference.  

Our Connection Injection Team Building toolkit will help your organisation strengthen team connection by:

Providing a high impact, easy-to-use team building solution to bring team members together, no matter whether they’re remote, hybrid or co-located

Driving a sense of belonging

Creating a clear structure around how team members can best work together

Reinforcing the right behaviours and actions to support connected, high performing, highly engaged teams

Giving new team members at-a-glance insight into hidden aspects of your organisation’s culture

What our clients say...


The Connection Injection…provoked conversation, thinking and action. The enabled the senior managers to share honest feedback…and to create a definitive plan around how we can work together as a connected team. The…session with the leadership team was a resounding success, resulting in a renewed sense of connection and excitement about the future. An added benefit is that we now have access to the Connection Injection toolkit and are aiming to run it again…

~ Nicole Saad, CEO / Rothamsted Enterprises


I can see huge amounts of value in the tools and can pinpoint the areas which need to be improved. The session was engaging, thought-provoking and allowed me space to truly think, and the toolkit is very easy to use.

~ Dan Kennedy, Lead Consultant / Adaptis


We ran Culture Chameleon's Connection Injection session for our management team. It was a great, easy to use process that will help us work better together and continue to yield great results.

~ Mark Combes, Director / Minster Cleaning

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