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Company Purpose,

Values & Vision

“In order to stand out, we first have to know what we stand for.”

~ Simon Sinek

Our company Purpose, Values and Vision discovery process creates clarity and direction by unlocking your organisation’s unique DNA, enabling you to pinpoint exactly what it stands for, why it exists and what its ultimate goal is.

Once you’ve discovered and defined your company’s Purpose, Values and Vision, we’ll support you to share these with your team in a way that leaves them excited for the future and hungry for what’s next.

A great resignation

Post-pandemic the world of work has undergone, and continues to experience huge change.

We’re in the midst of a great resignation – a candidate-driven job market in which organisations are struggling to fill vacancies and great talent is in record demand. This is partly because lots of people are reassessing key components of their lives and making an intentional shift in priorities, including work.

In this highly competitive market, demonstrating the value that your organisation offers as an employer, and becoming a place where people choose to work when they have several options, is essential. The starting point to achieving this is a clear company Purpose, Values and Vision framework.

Your organisation’s Purpose, Values and Vision form the foundations that make it unique, underpin its culture and direct its growth. They provide a framework to speed it up during good times and keep it grounded when times are tough.

Our superpower? Uncovering your organisation’s superpowers.

Discovering your company’s Purpose, Values and Vision is a team effort, so we can’t, and won’t go it alone. If we did, the result simply wouldn’t feel authentic, or resonate internally with your team, or externally with clients and customers.

There’s no settling for faceless Values, or confused Purpose and Vision statements on our watch.

We won’t produce your company’s Purpose, Values and Vision for you. Instead, we’ll work with you using our Purpose, Values and Vision discovery and definition process, gently pushing you to reach the right end point together.  Teasing out your organisation’s uniqueness. Capturing its personality. Taking the time to sweat Every. Single. Word. Making sure they’re spot on.

From words on a wall…

Purpose, Values and Vision written. Job done, right? No – this is just the start. They won’t become part of the way your organisation does things simply by looking pretty.

Next up is designing a Purpose, Values and Vision launch process that shares the Values, Purpose and Vision with your team in a way that works for your organisation and resonates with, and engages your team members.

Again, we won’t launch the Values, Purpose and Vision for you. It’s important that you own them from the off. However, we will work behind the scenes, creating everything you’ll need for a successful launch.

Beyond WOW

Here’s the thing. Culture is never ‘done’. In the same way as a sales pipeline, it needs continually nurturing. So, our most successful clients opt for our Beyond WOW workshop as the next step.

The workshop provides managers and culture champions with the mindset and toolkit for action to take the Purpose, Values and Vision from being Words On a Wall to being lived and breathed in everything the organisation does.  

With a clear company Purpose, Values and Vision framework that’s been rolled out across your organisation, it will benefit from:

Team members who are clear about what the organisation stands for, why they do the work they do, what they’re working towards and who, with this understanding, are inspired to keep making great work

Attracting and retaining the right individuals – those excited by the company Purpose, Values and Vision

Time saved during the selection process, with the wrong individuals deselecting themselves

A benchmark for behaviour that can be used to call out great work and highlight areas for improvement (Values)

A rally cry to inspire action (Purpose)

An inspiring ‘destination’ to provide a starting point for all goals (Vision)

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