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Companies with an engaged employee outperform those without by 202%.

~ Gallup

We help to enhance employee engagement levels by helping organisations to design and bring to life a Values, Purpose and Vision-based employee experience that packs a punch, creating a strong emotional connection with team members and unlocking discretionary effort.

Make work great. Make great work.

Employee engagement gamechangers

Taking the critical touchpoints of the employee experience – the employee engagement game changers – we hardwire in your organisation’s Values, Purpose and Vision. This ensures that people feel the right things at the right point during the experience and that, in reality, working for your organisation plays out as expected.

Live to work or work to live?​

The average UK employee spends roughly 3,515 days working during their life time. That’s nearly 85,000 hours. And almost 20% of their waking hours. Massive isn’t it? So it’s not surprising that people don’t want to work for just any organisation. Increasingly, they want to work for one that has a brand, Values, Purpose and Vision that resonates with them personally.

From wall art to DNA

But for an organisation to truly offer a stand out work place culture, these foundations need to run deeper than face value. Taking the time and effort to define, shape and nurture a deliberate business culture by weaving your organisation’s Values, Purpose and Vision into every element of the employee experience, brings them to life and takes them from being wall art to part of the company’s DNA. It intentionally drives the right behaviours, unites team members, and provides a framework within which they can make great work. Hello enhanced employee engagement!

We can help your organisation to create a stand out employee experience and increase employee engagement levels by:

Attracting the right team members with a stand-out Values, Vision and Purpose-based recruitment experience and a compelling people promise (Employee Value Proposition)

Supporting you to ‘hire for attitude, train for skill’ by creating an easy-to-use selection process that focuses on assessing potential team members for Values-fit and culture-add and offers a great candidate experience

Setting every new starter up for success by designing an onboarding process that plays out your organisation’s Values, Purpose and Vision, engages and excites new starters and leaves them thinking, “I so made the right choice to work here.”

Guiding you to successfully replace the annual appraisal (let’s be honest, we all dread them) with a Values, Purpose and Vision-based alternative that focuses on regular, structured, open and honest conversations and emphasises unlocking each individual’s full potential

Producing a collaborative (there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team) goal process, centred around working together to drive the organisation forward to achieve its Vision

Capturing your organisation’s superpowers and writing down its recipe by replacing the 100-page employee handbook (who reads it anyway?) with an engaging culture book

Supporting you with scoping out a Values-aligned exit process that gives leavers a voice, provides future talent with an authentic glimpse into company life, and elevates your brand from being the world’s best kept secret by encouraging current and past team members to become brand advocates. Nothing says amazing place to work better than an ex-team member featuring your organisation’s name in the headline of their LinkedIn profile.

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