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Value Proposition

Organisations with an effective employee value proposition reduce annual turnover by nearly 70% and boost new hire commitment by almost 30%.

~ Gartner

We help organisations to attract, engage, motivate and retain the right team members with an authentic, compelling, evidence-based employee value proposition (EVP) that educates talent to make an informed decision about whether your organisation is the right one for them.

So what is an employee value proposition?

Employee Value Proposition. It's the latest buzzword

An employee value proposition (EVP) creates an emotional connection between current / future team members and your organisation by outlining what you promise to offer them in return for their talent, skills, and experience–and what you won’t.

We get it.  ‘Emotional connection’ sounds a bit fluffy, but the output of this is the discretionary effort that team members are willing to put in whilst at work.

In today’s competitive job market, a crystal clear employee value proposition that’s grounded in reality, not overinflated for marketing purposes, is the starting point to attracting and keeping the right talent with the right attitude.

Progressive organisations are using creative ways to define and communicate their unique employee value proposition.

Beyond the pay cheque

Nowadays, many people are viewing work as something that should add to and enrich their lives. So, a strong employee value proposition needs to go further than simply salary and benefits. Whilst these may give an initial dopamine shot, they don’t last the distance in terms of motivating and engaging people. As a result, the employee value proposition needs to present the whole offer.

Skin deep? You'll be found out.

A strong employee value proposition isn’t about replicating what’s on trend, or what your organisation’s competitors are offering. It needs to be evidence based. To stack up when challenged. To be based on proof.

We’ll help your organisation to discover and define an employee value proposition that goes the distance by:

Working with your team to understand the benefits of working for your organisation, uncovering hidden perks in danger of being overlooked

Capturing the evidence necessary to back up your organisation’s employee value proposition

Working with you to identify a clear narrative about your organisation’s offering and to share this story authentically

Training managers and leaders to become confident in sharing your organisation’s employee value proposition in a way that creates an emotional connection with current and future talent

Identifying how to adapt your organisation’s employee value proposition to attract and keep a wide-range of talent with varying wants and needs

Supporting your organisation with making sure that your employee value proposition plays out consistently throughout the employee experience

Highlighting any shortcomings in your offer that may damage, or be damaging employee engagement and retention.

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